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Complete integration

T.G. Baker Americas creates complete, integrated systems, one provider, one network, all devices. Our opening statement of the power of one is our mantra, imagine the power of all communications, both for customers and operators, being completely connected in real time. From the control centre to the concourse to the customer's mobile device, audio, video, text, and all meeting ADA requirements. 

Infrastructure & expansion

Once we place our software infrastructure in your system, we can expand your transit Passenger Information System (P.I.S.) on your schedule. As time and budget allows we can expand to give you the power of one across Public Address (P.A), Passenger Information Displays (P.I.D.S), Passenger Emergency Intercom (P.E.I) and Signal Post Telephones (S.P.T)  Essentially, we meet today's demands and provide a future proof ability to add elements as funding becomes available and as new requirements are developed and created. 

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Ease of installation

Our platform significantly reduces the amount of components, cabling and interfaces. This reduces upfront costs and as, if not more importantly, reduces the chances of downtime. All the communications, monitoring and alerts are captured on one network. Display Management, Audio, Video and Alerts, no aspect of communications protocol are managed effectively and efficiently. Minimal redundancies are required to secure continuous, uninterrupted service.

Powerful implementation

Imagine the ability to message the complete network, or part of it from anywhere. Command and control, an operator station or a mobile device. For operators and customers, T.G. Baker Americas Passenger Information Systems are complete solutions that elevate the customer experience, and provides operators with real time, real world information.

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