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Rolling stock cctv

Our rolling stock CCTV solutions incorporate both interior and exterior capabilities. Operational and customer safety are paramount in our track and pantograph monitoring systems. Our rugged EN-50132-7 proven camera coverage provides extensive visual coverage satisfies privacy regulations utilizing our innovative pixelization feature ensuring areas outside the track are unrecognizable. A powerful tool for investigating near and actual accidents – track monitoring provides clear evidence. It also recognizes unauthorized entry, crossing of tracks and identifies stone throwers, train surfers, graffiti sprayers or obstacles.

Scalable and stable

6 cameras or 36 cameras, our mobile platform makes it happen, and the ability to record up to 4 hard drives makes it the perfect rolling stock solution. Additionally, the innovative temperature management enables both systems to operate within the temperature range of 40°C to + 85°C. The design  can be customized according  to user requirements. The cameras can also be easily installed into the destination signs and the camera housing can be supplied in different colour schemes.


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mobile cctv for busses

 Mobile CCTV cost-saving  systems impress with outstanding performance with low power usage and high reliability. For peace of mind on the  bus – at any time of day, for drivers and passengers alike, maximum protection is guaranteed  through permanent recording . Less damage caused by vandalism  and increased violence prevention  are factors in optimizing strong ROI. The 360° cameras records both driver door and passenger areas at the same time and in high resolution. Door and side cameras help the driver maintain a safe overview at all times, reducing accident – related damages  to the buses



 - Full overview of passenger and  driver area; evidence of all action  on the bus

-  Blind Angle View when bus is turning left or right; decreases incidents with bicycles when driving around corners

-  Support with insurance matters with passenger involvement; reduces the cost of insurance claims

- Reduces vandalism = reduction in repair cost +  Back door monitoring when doors are open; avoids accidents when doors are closing

-  Can be upgraded with remote live view functionality

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