Fleet Management

T.G. Baker Americas provides Professional Fleet Management that goes well beyond traditional tracking devices. Whether it's optimizing fuel consumption and routing for Busses or Transportation fleets, or optimizing inventory and access to your Construction Machinery, we have the solutions that will assist you in managing your assets. Operationally, Environmentally and Safely.

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With the demands for managing time, prices and quality growing more and more, it is important to have a total overview of time consumption and economy. We offer a solution where, with a total overview, you can achieve efficient utilization of your vehicles. The solution places focus on your time and fuel consumption and increases your productivity. It is user-friendly and easy to access data and get an overview of your vehicles, whether they are buses or field personnel.

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Regardless of the size of your fleet and how many vehicles you need to manage, it is necessary to have a total overview of your vehicles. We offer a tracking solution that is user-friendly and easy to access. With a status on where your vehicles are, resources such as time consumption and the vehicles’ fuel consumption become transparent and you increase the possibility to control your productivity. Your daily planning becomes easier and you gain effective utilisation of your vehicles.

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Regardless of whether you have machines operating at construction sites or equipment standing ready for various construction projects, it will be necessary to protect and secure your material. Our solution is user-friendly and provides a fast overview and easy access to data.  
With a total overview of your machines and other field related vehicles, you increase your productivity and get more efficient planning with larger utilization of your inventory. You can quickly lay on or move machines and personnel around in the event of suddenly occurring situations and opportunities.         

Contact us at fleetmanagement@tgbakeramericas.com for more information on how we can design and deploy your Fleet Management systems.