Features Overview

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is a technology utilizing fiber optics that provides system operators with ability to act BEFORE costly and disruptive incidents occur. DAS provides the ability to monitor multiple areas of concern simultaneously, from the present state of rolling assets, perimeter security and environmental concerns.

DAS Rock Slide Graphic.JPG

Environmental Considerations

As shown here, Distributed Acoustic Sensing enables transit and heavy rail operators the ability to detect rock slides, landslides, avalanches and other environmental anomalies that disrupt schedules and add severe unexpected costs. The ability to initiate corrective actions before they happen prevents disruption to commercial operations at a fraction of the cost of dealing with them after the fact. This ability can be applied to additional areas, such as animals, unauthorized personnel or unauthorized activities in restricted areas. Future functionality of DAS will include rail break detection, wheel flat identification, train integrity monitoring, enhanced train positioning, third party sensor (Simplex Modem) integration and hump yard applications.

DAS Perimeter Security Schematic Graphic.JPG

Perimeter integrity management

Whatever the environment, perimeter integrity is vital to operational effectiveness as well as safety for both employees and the general public. Distributed Acoustic Sensing allows operators to successfully monitor areas where CCTV or human assets have limited access or visibility.  The system has the unique ability to detect trespassers and other unauthorized access to areas where cable theft or other potentially harmful activities can take place. This ability to isolate intrusions, regardless of the intent, protects lives, assets and operations thoroughly 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost of addressing situations after an event has occurred. 


Alerts Graphic.JPG


Real time alerts are crucial, our DAS systems provide the ability for alerts to be sent through multiple avenues to ensure key staff can quickly act on the information and associated actions. Whether it's deploying staff and equipment, communicating with outside agencies or emergency services or updating operational management, this can all be done on one network to all devices.

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