Design Support Services

T.G. Baker Americas Inc. provides a wide variety of consulting services, mainly in the transit and transportation markets, or any challenging environment where intelligibility and communications integrity are of key importance.  From complete integrated system design and architecture to acoustic measurements and simulations.    

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We strive to understand the complex environments that large spaces and multi element systems require. Ambient noise, intelligibility and control of these systems is a core strength of our team. Knitting and weaving all the various technologies together, creating the type of smooth, seamless environments that today's world demands goes beyond a theoretical exercise. Our real world experience provides the knowledge base and expertise to design complete, integrated systems that work exceptionally well and exceed even the most stringent expectations. 

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Measurements & simulations

We provide a full array of acoustic measurements and design simulations as stand alone activities or as part of a complete design services. 

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peer review & commissioning


Our depth of experience and flexible structure allow us to provide thorough and detailed peer review. Validating your designs is a thorough, cost effective way to provide proof of concept against the delivery requirements set out.  We are also fully capable of commissioning systems on multiple levels.

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